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future of museum tickets

future museum entry fee

future museum entry fee The Future Museum Dubai Experience is set to open on April 20 2017, at the end of the month, and we are sure to be as popular with tourists as the Burj Khalifa. We promise a fun, interactive and educational experience and that is something that traditional museums do not promise. Here is our guide to the museum and the packages we offer.

While the tallest building, the largest mall and the largest indoor theme park, amongst other things, would keep you hooked to this marvelous city, the Museum of future, a recent addition, would surely leave you spellbound.The Museum of the future is as unique as it sounds and offers the visitors extraordinary sensory and visual experiences while being educational. The best part about this place is that unlike other museums, you do not have to be cautious about what you touch. On the other hand, this is an interactive museum and the more you touch and engage with the exhibits, the more fun and enjoy it

with ancient relics behind velvet ropes. It is a gateway to a future world, crafted by visionary designers, artists and filmmakers. The Museum combines elements of exhibition, immersive theatre and themed attraction. Each floor is like a film set from a future that you can inhabit, explore and interact with.

The settings and scenes that we’re crafting are immersive, but also expansive: they are designed to expand what the audience thinks possible – for the world, for the future and for themselves. 

  • Dubai Museum of Future Features
  • Why the Museum of Future is a Delight for Everyone in Dubai
  • How the Museum of Future is all set to Inspire Travelers and Visitors
  • A sneak peek into the museum of future’s 9 sections
  • Conclusion: Dubai Museum of Future is all set to Inspire Travelers and Visitors.

What is unique about the Museum of future architecture?

Museum of the Future is 77 metres tall and covers an area of 30,548 square metres. It has seven storeys of exhibition space, a 420-seat auditorium, restaurant, cafe and lobby. The oval shape aims to represent humanity; the green mound it sits on top of represents the Earth

Are you interested in the future of technology? Then you need to visit the Museum of Future Features in Dubai. This unique museum showcases the latest and greatest in technology and innovation, from robots to artificial intelligence. If you want to learn about the future of technology, this is the place to be. Find out more about the Museum of Future Features in Dubai here.
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