Information About UAE
Visa requirements for entering Dubai vary greatly between different nationalities and it is always advised to check regulations before traveling. In most cases, US Passport holders can obtain a visa upon arrival.
Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED or DHS)
The official language is Arabic, Arabic and English are commonly used in business and commerce. Hindi and Urdu are also widely used.
From JFK to Dubai, the flying time is 12 hours and 45 minutes.

Banks: Sunday – Thursday 8am – 1pm

Shopping Malls: Saturday – Thursday 10am – 10pm; Friday – 4pm – 10pm

Souks: Saturday – Thursday 10am – 1pm and 4pm – 10pm; Friday – 4pm – 2:30pm

Islam is the official religion and there are a large number of mosques throughout the city. Other religions are respected and there are various places of worship including churches and temples. You will should make an effort your current fortune novoline kostenlos spielen.
The Holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Koran. During this period, all Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Eating, drinking and smoking in public areas during daylight hours is strictly prohibited, however hotels restaurants can accommodate tourists in covered tented areas.
Wide choices of excellent wines, beers and spirits are available in licensed restaurants and bars. Dubai has several laws regarding alcohol which tourists should be aware of before visiting.
  • Alcohol is only available at licensed premises, usually attached to hotels (most nightclubs and bars are in or attached to hotels, though they may have separate entrances).
  • Alcohol is not sold on religious holidays, nor during daylight hours in Ramadan (even to non-Muslims).
  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in public places.
  • Remember to carry some sort of identification when visiting a bar if you are young, as you will not be let in otherwise. The law prohibits anyone below 21 to enter.
UAE has a lot of restriction specially in public transportation, and traffic be sure to read them to avoid inconvenience on your stay here in UAE